Is all a matter of energetic imprint and exchange, between you and the other person. Simple in theory (maybe) but pretty illusive to fully understand scientifically … but you do know when you are or aren’t vibing with someone and that can be information enough, for determining next action. Human Design, teaches us how to interpret these “vibes” and trust in our own design to say or do what keeps us in energetic alignment with ourselves! True, it’s not always easy to take the needed corrective action (maturely or politely) but if and when we do, we can often return to a more pleasant-healthy-energetic “vibe/flow state” that has untold benefits to our body, mind and spirit, for having done so. Human Design without fail, determines your intuition in your body, not in your head, so when you listen to it…honor it, life becomes so much more enjoyable. It doesn’t take long to learn and appreciate your human design; helping you to identify what people, environments or activities, that are best for you? “Who you vibe with and who you don’t?” And, if we don’t, Human Design teaches us that’s okay too, we are not meant for everybody. Remember, that when you’re not vibing, there’s no electromagnetic charge and or sense of connection and often this lack of connection increases your cortisol levels (aka stress hormone, so there’s your clue) automatically kicking you out of that flow state we so desperately want to be in most of the time. Thank goodness we no longer have Tigers chasing us…so pay attention to the good vibes you pick up on throughout your day and do what you need to to stay in that peaceful-harmonious state we call “Flow”… Simple as that!

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