Discovery Call
Not sure where to begin? If you’re here, you’ve found me for a reason. Schedule a complimentary 15 minute, Discovery Call to learn more about my services and see if we’re a good fit?
15 minutes free

Tarotpy Session
What is Tarotpy? In short, it’s a very fun, unique and incredibly insightful way to explore the subconscious mind. Through the use of multiple Oracle/Tarot cards to choose from, we look together at the symbolism and imagery that speaks to you? Nothing at all like traditional card readings or fortune telling of the past. Tarotpy is a registered method that has been in use for just over 40 years and is offered only by certified practitioners. To learn more about this wonderful approach to discovery, transformation and healing please go to:
Tarotpy Sessions are approximately 90 minutes $75

Quantum Energy Sessions, QES
Are an immersive experience into the subtle body energies or frequencies that are also associated with the Hindu chakra system, seven in all. QES sessions are custom tailored to the chakra you wish to support. You can purchase any one of the seven sessions or you can purchase all seven as a package*. QES sessions include but are not limited to: Vibro-acoustics & Biosonic therapies, Crystal therapy, Chromotherapy (color therapy), Aromatherapy and a few other uniquely alternative and progressive therapies to support your quantum leap forward on your transformational journey. Juicy bonus: after each session you will also receive some carefully curated items and information to support your attunement, long after the session has ended.
Single QES session is approximately 60 minutes $50

Resiliency Support Coaching
Sometimes all it takes is an honest conversation with your Fairy Guide Mother to recognize and release whatever it is that’s holding you back, from living a more authentic-fulfilling life. In these sessions we will take a multi-pronged approach to assessing and identifying what brings about true Wellbeing and Happiness for you? In these conversations with transparency, vulnerability and validation… you can transform your life! And, I’m here to help you do that.
Single session 60 minutes $50

Quick call from your Guide Mother
For returning clients, these are 15 minute, quick calls. For those non-emergency but stressful moments when life is throwing you a curve-ball and you could use some additional clarity and perspective. (otherwise known as a safe place to vent). All you have to do is text “FGM-help” and see if I’m available? And I’ll call you right back if I am. In these short sessions I will give you sound-rational feedback, tips and techniques that can truly help get you regulated and grounded in the moment. These quick calls can really make a difference in the moment when you need it most… affordably priced and keep you progressing toward the life and person you wish to be.
15 minute calls $15